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Is Oregon’s Football Performance Center the world’s finest athletic facility?

Don’t let the imported Italian marble and furniture, Portuguese slate floors, black glass and Ferrari leather chairs fool you.

The University of Oregon’s new Football Performance Center may have lavish design elements similar to the world’s finest palaces, but this facility was built for one purpose – winning.

Phil Knight, founder of Nike and the Center’s chief financier, knows a thing or two about winning. His wife, Penny, evidentially knows a little something about interior decorating. No one will confirm the estimated $68 million price tag, but the attention to detail is unmatched.

War Room

Is this the White House war room?

From architectural designs down to the bathroom faucets, the couple spared no expense with the 145,000-square-foot Performance Center. The Ducks coaching staff, however, would prefer that we focus on the ‘Performance’ in the facility’s name. That’s easier said than done.

The six-story facility built alongside Autzen Stadium and overlooking the team’s practice field was designed to be both functional and efficient for coaches and player that spend countless hours there. To increase ease of access and convenience, building designers considered how rooms flow from one to another.

Among the Center’s list of high-tech amenities and creature comforts, include: vented odor-reducing lockers, a cafeteria, a players lounge with big screen TVs, a coaching staff war room, a sprawling weight room, a medical treatment facility, two auditoriums, underground parking and even a barbershop. The thoughtfully placed ‘O’ logos, the fighting duck mascot and the school’s green and yellow colors – all reminders you are a long way from Corvallis.

Oregon Players Lounge

Oregon’s facilities and uniforms have wowed recruits for the past decade, but the new Oregon Performance Center put the Ducks over the top. I know how Husky and Beaver fans will answer the headline: F#@! no! But talk to the top recruits who visit Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame, Texas or the new Husky Stadium. Even those that may not ultimately choose the Ducks will tell you Oregon’s are best.

Professional teams around the world now have something to compare against, but that was not Phil Knight’s intention.  He built the Football Performance Center to help the Ducks football program continue to compete with the nation’s elite programs. He also built it to help the school continue to blow away recruits. By all accounts – mission accomplished.

Is this the world’s best athletic facility? Make your case below in the comments.
Weight Room

Photo Credit: University of Oregon Athletics

Robertson Stadium Demolition time-lapse video

Yesterday I featured the future University of Houston football stadium, but I also wanted to share this great time-lapse of the Robertson Stadium demolition. Enjoy.

Houston Cougars Stadium Under Construction

Illustration of the University of Houston's new stadium opening for the 2014 season

Illustration of the University of Houston’s new stadium opening for the 2014 season

According to the University of Houston Football Stadium web site’s countdown clock, Cougar fans have only 429 more days until their new stadium opens. That may seem like an eternity to some, but Cougar fans are content to wait this one out knowing what’s to come.

Built upon the site of their previous home, Robertson Stadium, the new 40,000-seat stadium with turf field is slated to open prior to the 2014 season. With over 5,000 club and suite seats, the new stadium features four open-air party decks to provide unique areas for Cougar fans to get their drink on.

I’m not a huge fan of field turf, but I understand the need to have a durable field for multipurpose use for universities to help recoup construction costs. I’m sure you won’t hear the football team complain about the turf as a fast track will help their historically passing-oriented offense.

The latest construction reports suggest they’ll raise the first steel this week.  To see the latest action at the site, follow the progress on the UH Stadium web cam.

Nighttime view of the new Houston Cougars Stadium

Nighttime view of the Cougar Stadium construction

Robertson Stadium met the wrecking ball in December 2012

Robertson Stadium met the wrecking ball in December 2012