Nebraska’s New East Stadium Houses Brain Research Center

The University of Nebraska expanded Memorial Stadium this season to over 92,000 seats, but the stadium’s most impressive additions will benefit more than just the Cornhusker faithful.

Brain research, University of NebraskaIn a collaboration between Nebraska’s athletic and academic arms, the privately funded $63.5 million East Stadium houses the Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior to study, prevent, and treat the effects of brain injuries. This state-of-the-art facility, which supports both the Big 10 and Ivy League, is testing the use of an electrode-covered mesh cap that would allow athletic medical staff to analyze a player’s brain waves on-site and determine within minutes the severity of an injury and whether they can return to the game. The center will also benefit the research of non-sports related brain injuries.

In addition, Nebraska created a 50,000-square-foot Athletic Performance Lab to help school athletes with strength training, treatment and rehabilitation. Recruiting tours now start in the Lab, which features a synthetic track embedded with “force plates” and surrounded by motion capture cameras that together measure impact and help athletes visualize and improve performance.

Built atop the existing structure, the new East Stadium adds 6000 seats and 38 suites. To gain a sense for just how nuts Nebraska fans are for the Cornhuskers – this season marks the first time non-premium season tickets have been available to the general public between the 20-yard lines since the stadium was built 90 years ago.

While fans will enjoy the spacious new concourse and seating options, you have to appreciate Nebraska’s investment in helping to solve an issue facing not only collegiate sports, but society at large.

Here’s a video featuring a dedication ceremony for the new facility.

Photo credit: University of Nebraska Athletic Department

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