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Stadium Food Spotlight: BBQ Sundae

Rome Braves BBQ Sundae.  The Class-A Rome Braves have one of the more unique stadium food items in all sports – the BBQ Sundae.

An affiliate of the MLB Atlanta Braves, the Rome Braves is the latest menu item featured at State Mutual Stadium’s Bubba’s BBQ Barn. The sundae has a layer of cornbread topped with BBQ pork, covered with homemade coleslaw and finished off with another slice of cornbread.

As long as you have cold beer to wash it down, this is one you’d have to try for bragging rights alone.  The BBQ Sundae also comes with a commemorative cup and a one-way ticket to the stadium restroom.

Eat. Citi Field Food Guide

Here’s a great blog post featuring food from Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.

Eat.Shop.Live. NYC

Come for the game, stay for the food!


Whether or not you are a New York Mets fan you can’t deny being a fan of Citi Field’s the food.  I love going to baseball games, not only to watch the teams play, but for the whole experience.  When the Mets built Citi Field they kept their fans in mind giving them incredible food and beverage options.  You may be hesitant when you see the long food lines, but be rest assured it’s worth it.  The main food court is situated behind center field with a large TV screen so you never miss a moment of the game.

Citi Field joined forces with famed restaurateur Danny Meyer to bring fans; Box Frites for killer garlic fries and BLT hot dogs, shake shack for the perfect ball game burger, and Blue Smoke’s mouth-watering BBQ.  In most ballparks the good food is reserved for clubs…

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Robertson Stadium Demolition time-lapse video

Yesterday I featured the future University of Houston football stadium, but I also wanted to share this great time-lapse of the Robertson Stadium demolition. Enjoy.

Houston Cougars Stadium Under Construction

Illustration of the University of Houston's new stadium opening for the 2014 season

Illustration of the University of Houston’s new stadium opening for the 2014 season

According to the University of Houston Football Stadium web site’s countdown clock, Cougar fans have only 429 more days until their new stadium opens. That may seem like an eternity to some, but Cougar fans are content to wait this one out knowing what’s to come.

Built upon the site of their previous home, Robertson Stadium, the new 40,000-seat stadium with turf field is slated to open prior to the 2014 season. With over 5,000 club and suite seats, the new stadium features four open-air party decks to provide unique areas for Cougar fans to get their drink on.

I’m not a huge fan of field turf, but I understand the need to have a durable field for multipurpose use for universities to help recoup construction costs. I’m sure you won’t hear the football team complain about the turf as a fast track will help their historically passing-oriented offense.

The latest construction reports suggest they’ll raise the first steel this week.  To see the latest action at the site, follow the progress on the UH Stadium web cam.

Nighttime view of the new Houston Cougars Stadium

Nighttime view of the Cougar Stadium construction

Robertson Stadium met the wrecking ball in December 2012

Robertson Stadium met the wrecking ball in December 2012

Atlanta Baptist Church’s Hard Ball Stadium Negotiations

Friendship Baptist Church holding out for more coin from the Atlanta Falcons.

Friendship Baptist Church holding out for more coin from the Atlanta Falcons.

The Friendship Baptist church is all that stands between the Atlanta Falcons and the perfect location for their new stadium. These church owners, however, have been far from amicable in their negotiations.

The Friendship Baptist Church rejected the team’s initial $13.5 million offer for church building and property. The Church’s counterproposal requested nearly double that amount – a cool $24.54 million. The Falcons then increased their second offer to $15.5 million dollar, and now it’s in the Church’s court.

With a name like “Friendship” Baptist, one would hope all parties can come to a win-win solution. I’d have to imagine Falcons fans flocked to Friendship Baptist this weekend for mass, hoping to get their prayers answered.