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Houston Texans: Our scoreboard is bigger

The NFL Houston Texans powered-up two new HD video scoreboards last Friday at Reliant Stadium, which combined create the largest video board ever installed in a sports stadium. The scoreboards cover 14,549 square feet, or over 100 feet wider than the Dallas Cowboys’ LED monstrosity suspended over the field in AT&T Stadium.

Installed with the help of $16 million from taxpayers, the mammoth scoreboards demonstrate how far teams will go to thrill their fans, leapfrog NFL peers and improve chances to host a Super Bowl. While the scoreboards are larger than those planned for the San Francisco 49ers new home, Levi’s Stadium, Houston won’t retain bragging rights for long. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Everbank Field will display a more gigantic scoreboard in 2014.

Of course, the Cowboys aren’t concerned about a scoreboard bigger than their own that happens to be in Texas too. Actually, I’m sure Jerry Jones won’t stand for this personal assault.

Photo credit: Houston Texans